Question Battery drain and stutter Issue on ROG Zephyrus G15 ?

May 28, 2023
I have a ROG Zephyrus G15 laptop.

It has a problem which is weird, the screen stutters for like 2 seconds and then continues as usual. This used to happen anytime in the week maybe 5 times or so. It can happen during gaming on games like League or FIFA or even just watching YouTube. I sent it to Asus to get it checked and gave them every detail but they told me that they could not duplicate the issue. They returned it with new installation of Windows 11. I used it for 5 days and I just notice the stutter again for 2 seconds during FIFA.

Another problem I face is only when I play heavy games like FIFA, i have not tried other AAA games as I dont want to push the laptop further even though the specs on this is able to do so. When i play FIFA, with the recommend mode for battery to charge to the max of 80%. While plugged in, the laptop battery percentage drops until 35% the lowest. If the charge mode is normal up to 100%. If i play FIFA for 2 - 3 hours the battery can drop to 73% (the worst was 53%). The original charger given is a 200W 20 V,10.0A. The laptop is on turbo mode when gaming because if it is on performance it does get hot at 73 degrees so I always play on turbo. The settings on turbo is not changed.

I did read a forum which said that the person managed to change their charger to a 230W 19.5V charger which solved the draining battery problem faced by them, if that is the way to solve it is it okay if I get a OEM charger?

I sent my laptop to Asus regarding these two problems but but they were unable to duplicate either of them..
I hope someone can give me their input regarding the problem I'm facing. Thank you.