Question Battery drain on HP Elitebook when shut down ?


Feb 18, 2018
Hi guys

I’m hoping someone can help.

I have a HP Elitebook 840 G6.

I have had this laptop for around 18 months. 6 months ago the battery started to drain even when shut down. I mean start shut down, not sleep mode or hibernate nothing connected at all. I would fully charge the battery. From 100% battery it would be 0% in 24 hours. Everyone I went to use the darn thing the battery would be totally flat so have to plug it in.

I got in touch with HP as I still had warranty.
HP replaced the battery - same issue
HP replaced the motherboard - same issue
They took the laptop away and said it was the touchpad causing the battery drain, they replaced the touchpad. - same issue.

I have read close to a 1000 posts regarding battery drain all over the web that has affected Dell, Microsoft Surface and HP. I have tried every recommendation that I have come across. Still nothing works.
Turned off fast start
Turned off usb charge when off
Turned off wake on lan etc
Uninstalled the intel engine driver

Still have the same issue.

Can anyone please help before I bin this thing.



Can you check and see what your BIOS version on the laptop is at this moment of time? Also, use the serial number for your laptop in HP's support portal and see if the laptop has any BIOS updates pending(cross reference the latest with what you currently have). If you have a number of BIOS updates, don't jump to the latest, instead gradually work your way to the latest and take note of any MEI/chipset drivers that might need updating along the way.

I'm wondering if it's a flaw with the motherboard in itself and/or you have a faulty product entirely while HP hasn't done a recall of the unit.


Mar 10, 2016
I've had a similar issue on my old Dell Inspiron 15-5547. The cause of the issue was that the laptop wasn't actually shutting down. Something prevented it, and while the screen makes the laptop appear to be off, in reality the fans are still spinning and the keyboard's backlights light up when pressing any of the keys. At that point, I force it to shut down since Windows isn't running and it wouldn't harm anything- and it would save the battery from draining to 0% overnight.

So check if your laptop is actually shutting down, or only stopping at the last stage and appearing to be off.

I never found the actual cause of the laptop not shutting down, but if your laptop is acting the same way, making sure to turn it off using the power button after shutting down Windows is a temporary solution.

I agree with Lutfij that it might have a faulty motherboard in this laptop model that should be getting recalled or the BIOS needs a new update released.


Feb 18, 2018
Many thanks for the help guys.

The bios is the latest version, checked on the website and the HP support program installed on the laptop.

The funny thing is i have not come across anything on the internet affecting the same laptop as mine. I did ask the engineer who replaced the battery and motherboard and they both said it was nbot a common issue.

After shutting down, no lights, no nothing. I have actually shut down by holding the power button as i was trying everything to fx the issue.

I have now rolled back the intel management interface driver and will see how it goes.

If that does not work i will do a fresh install of Windows and install one driver at a time, i wont use the flash image to restore but a fresh install completeley.
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