Battle of the X670E Flagships: Testing MSI, Asus and Gigabyte’s Best

They call them "Flagship" motherboards.

I call them "Irrelevant motherboards that people do not buy." :LOL:

Seriously though, these really are irrelevant to most people because no matter who is king at this level, things can be very different at the price points that most people are willing to pay.

Like, if I were in the market for an X670E board, I'd be looking at the ASRock X670E PG Lightning. ASRock isn't even represented here, probably because they don't think that there is a need for anything more expensive than a Taichi.
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Mar 6, 2023
Why testing with DDR5-6000 CL36, not CL30 stuff?
Why testing with RTX 3070, not RTX 4090?
Why MSI's uncore frequency is 1500MHz in CPU-Z, while other 2 boards running on 3000MHz?

PS: They are on different AGESA as well. CPU boosts differently on differently AGESA.
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Oct 3, 2022
Dude, if I'm going to buy a $1,000 mobo, it better come with a bar of gold attached to it.

Who even buys this, rich kids from Saudi Arabia or something.
Mar 7, 2023
When I look at the Asus manual for the reviewed motherboard, the only sharing is between the 2 PCIe slots which will run at x8,x8 when both are used. It has multiple m.2 v5 slots that run without sharing with the PCIe slots.


Aug 4, 2019
Nice write up! One thing I would have enjoyed seeing pictured is the back of the motherboards. I've never understood why some reviews don't bother with shots of the back of the reviewed boards. My x570 Master comes standard with a backplate on the back of the board, which not only lends it weight, but most importantly keeps the board from any sort of warp so that the dimensions are always the same (fits the stand-offs perfectly, etc.) Sometimes a pic of the board back can offer some insight into board construction.

All of these mboards disappoint. I'm not going to go Intel, so I'll only compare and look for AMD mboards. MSI/Asus--far too expensive. Just ridiculous, frankly. You're right, the best board buy seems to be the Asroc you've mentioned. The GB board features almost the identical sound hardware that is featured on my x570 Master! They couldn't have improved it? Sad. $360 for my x570 was a great buy, considering the features it offers. The x670e Aorus Master costs $140 more than my x570 Master, but lacks several of the must-have features that made the Master so popular are not present in the x670e Master--including, incredibly, no backplate Clear CMOS button! And last, these are all E-ATX, which is going to require a new case purchase, on top of the rest of it. The 5800X3D is looking better all the time.
Mar 8, 2023
All of these expensive boards offer the best for their platform. Choosing between them comes down to price, features, and appearance, as the hardware differences between them aren’t significant unless you absolutely require the latest-gen audio and 40 Gbps ports.

Battle of the X670E Flagships: Testing MSI, Asus and Gigabyte’s Best : Read more

Even it is about "flagship-product" it would had been interesting to compare too to boards like the ASUS Pro Art Creator Wifi, that too offers 10Gb and USB4/Thunderbolt for a much lower price


Jan 16, 2008
Minor note, the Games and 3D Mark graph section on page four is missing (contains duplicated slides from the prior app suite) and on page two a reference to the X670E Aorus Master (instead of Xtreme) slipped in.