Battlefield 1942 LAN help


Nov 1, 2012
Hey everyone,
Not sure if any still plays it, but I'm having some trouble getting BF 1942 working over LAN.
Computer 'A' running Win7 32-bit, Computer 'B' Running WinXP SP3.
Both games fresh install from the 'Anthology' pack. (Orig game + both expansions)

When either computer trys to join a game hosted by the other, I get a message 'Data Differs From Server'
I know that is a load of bollocks seeing as they are both fresh unmodded installs.

After some Googling, I found a number of other people who had the same error message: Except in their case it was always caused by a No-CD patch.

Has anyone here got any ideas as to how to fix this?
I know its an oldie, but - IMO - it's still the 2nd best of all the Battlefield Games. (After Vietnam of course; everything after BFV is crap.)
Thanks in advance,