Battlefield 2 Crash To Desktop


May 28, 2010
Just wondering if some of you guys can help me, I have battlefield 2 installed on my PC & Laptop and they were both working fine yesterday. I went to play it today on my PC and it crashed to desktop as soon as i try to load a map. I then went to play it on my laptop and it did the exact same thing, I'm not sure how likely it is for both of them to stop working on the same day but i have got no idea. I have tried most things on the net about it and are not working. Ive Edited the Video.con and deleted profiles ect. I cannot reinstall it as i have lost the CD & have not much bandwidth left. The only thing i can think of is when we were playing LAN against each other we both hit Alt f4 in game to get to the desktop quicker. Which probably is causing this. I have the 64 Player map mod but this shouldent make a difference. :(

Any Help would be fantastic guys. :)

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