Battlefield 3 Bottle necking


Jul 23, 2012
I do not know if it is normal, But When I'm playing battlefield 3 at this setting it starts to do stutters and short freezes every 20 sec, my CPU usage is hitting about 91% to 100% and my Computer dose get really hot when playing not sure exactly what Fahrenheit but it's hot. But Freeze and stutters right away, before it heats up, I don't know why it bottle necks, maybe it's to much to handle ? or it get's to hot ? :pfff:

In-Game Settings : In Game Frames: Average 80 - 55 FPS.
Texture quality: Ultra
Shadow quality: Medium
Effects quality: Medium
Mesh Quality: High
Terrain Quality: Medium
Terrain Decoration: Medium
Anti-aliasing deferred: Off
Anti-aliasing post: Medium
Anisotropic filtering: 8x
ambient occlusion: HBAO

Resolution: 2560x1440

Game rig:
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Ram: 8 Gb 1333
CPU: Intel i5 2400 3.10ghz
GPU: 2 6870 HD (Crossfire mode) Running at 8x
Mother bored:GIGABYTE Z68X-UD3H-B3
PSU: 750 watt OCZ750FTY
Fans: 2 80mm fans Back of tower, 1 80mm fan left back side of tower, and 1 120mm fan in front of tower.
theres no way its any kind of bottleneck on the cpu/gpu/mem side.
maybe its your hdd needs a serious defrag...
if your using something to get your downloads then you have to make sure your not saving to your boot/install partition. also preallocating will reduce fragments... use this to clean up your hdd and see if that helps...

as for temps get gpu-z, real temp and hwmonitor free. post the results


if thats your vid i got some bad news for you. your the 1 creating the lag because your packets are constantly having to adjust which creates the lag.
limit your fps to 60 and reduce your settings so you end up with a minimum 60 fps and the lag will dissipate...
use bf3 configurator. i did and the lag went bye bye...



Never been accused of causing lag with low pings of 20-40ms. That's a new one... I guess everyone is wrong about it being people on the other side of the planet joining servers with pings of 150ms+.

I know what you mean with "settings" lag though. Naturally recording takes away FPS... no recording I get well above 60 FPS with a 6990 and with 2 x 6990's the input lag isn't even a factor.

Go onto the Battlelog forums there are plenty of people that complain about the ping exploits (usually European players).
lol no m8... your causing your own lag... your rite in that other people with high pings cause you to lag. but what im getting at is if your getting at is the game is default is 60 packets per second which is governed by your fps. because your getting variable fps you will get variable packet when you drop form 60 fps to 45, 15 packets will get dumped and this means you lose 15 updates so players can in some cases start warping about the map...

have you seen people surfing and such(where they are moving but there avatar stops running and glides) but every 1 seems to have low ping? this is often at your end only. its because your constantly dropping packets due to fps droop...
you will also see people snapping in kill cam. where there looking 1 way then the next second there doing a 180 without any animation between the 2 points. the reason you see this is because your fps suddenly increased back to 60 fps when you died but the game was only getting 40 datapackets so doesnt have enough to animate the full 60 frames. turning on net smoothing will help this and is likely the reason you dont see it that often but its still there.



That makes sense... overall the lag in-game isn't half as bad as MW3 was/is but yes, I've experienced the warping or "rubber-banding" effect. Those are those "WTH" moments if you know what I mean... when you see a guy teleport or slide across a map and start running. Or when those "insta-deaths" happen.

Generally; when feeling really competitive, I use little to no AA and use MLAA in CCC or BF3's built-in post process AA. Getting 150+ fps just makes the game a lot "smoother" and "snappier" and BF3 still looks good. A lot of people say it doesn't matter 60+ fps, but when they "feel" it per se, they'll be believers. Much more enjoyable and have a "leg up" on the competition...