Battlefield 3 fps problems


Nov 30, 2009
Hi , so i have played Battlefield 3 for a year now and about half year ago it started lagging like hell for me ( fps lag not internet ) , the thing is that it didnt lag in the Beta or Alpha .
When i play on medium my avarage fps is 40 what is fine but it drops like hell what causes lag .
The drops go from 40 to 20 and back.

My specs are here :

AMD Phenom x6 1100T @ 3.8 GhZ - Coolermaster 212+Evo
Gigabyte 560 TI @945 MhZ
4 GB DDR3 RAM @1333MhZ
550W Power supply

It lags on every setting low , medium and high i play without AA and SSAO and my resolution is quite small - 1280x1024.
I use Nvidia 310.70 beta drivers.
So any help is appreciated
(Sorry for bad English)


Oct 15, 2009
For starters do a clean installation of the latest Nvidia drivers.
Then have a look at background applications, do you have a load of stuff running at the same time?
Then check your temperatures while ingame, if it's getting very high it could be throttling.

Seriously? I was playing BF3 on a 460 on medium settings 1080p without any problems, so that's complete rubbish.

Old? GTX 560 TI performs almost similar to AMD 7850. This GPU should run Battlefield 3 at 1920x1080 in high/ultra settings at acceptable frames.

Try to monitor your temperatures, your hardware might be running hot.
Try to uninstall all you drivers and get the new WHQL drivers from Nvidia.


May 26, 2012
Definitely plenty of system to run Battlefield 3. The question just really is, is your hardware causing the issue or the software ? Download GPU-z and Core Temp and post your temperatures while playing. Or just open up your case and blow out all the dust in the CPU & GPU fans and make sure both are still spinning. If your temperatures check out fine, start with the above mentioned driver reinstallation. If that doesn't work you probably should reinstall windows from scratch.