Battlefield 3 GTX 460 crash after medium settings


Jan 30, 2012
Hi all. I have an EVGA GTX 460 OC graphics card and I cannot run battlefield 3 at any more than medium-set settings and standard clock speed with no overclock. If I change any of these constraints the slightest the game runs for about less than 1 min and crashes. I only have 4gb system RAM . I have heard that this game has problems with OC cards, what else have you guys heard besides this? My OS is Windows 7 32 bit home edition. I have a pretty good computer, with an i7 processor. Yes it is a custom built pc so no proprietary hardware is included in my system. Can it be the RAM? I have played the beta game in high/ultra settings with 1920 x 1080 resolution and it ran fine with the occasional frame drops, but still ran flawless in my opinion. Now with this full retail copy, I cannot run more than automatic system set medium settings. I have managed to open the system performance monitor while running the game and the RAM usage has climbed up to 3.7x Gb max and has crashed. But this ram usage is about the same as my running it at medium settings at the moment. What do you think it is? Yes I have the video drivers up-to-date. Any help would be appreciated thanks.


the beta, had an ultra setting, but it was exactly the same as high, and i'm not sure that high was any different to medium, so you may have been playing on medium thinking you were on high. The first parted was stated at the time, I recall testing fps at various settings and it not chnaging much.

4GB is a bit light, are you on win7 64bit? in which case a bit more ram might help, but at 1080p the game needs a lot of VRAM, in which case you can't do anything.


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