Battlefield 3 if you would not mind please help


Jun 11, 2009
Hi everyone,

This has probably been posted about many times. My computer is nothing special, athlon X2 64 phenom dual core 3.1 GHz, 2 gigs of ram, HD4850 GPU.

It still runs all recent games at 1680x1050 pretty much smooth as butter but of course BF3 came out, I bought it and nothing but problems. I know BF3 is brand new and it requires a lot of memory so 2 gigs is really pushing it but I remember a time when it first came out that it did initially run fine.

I have tried EVERY possibly suggestion from the internet on how to fix the stuttering which is my major problem. I installed the latest patch and disabled my on board audio along with trying every possible user.cfg suggestion. I have played with the user.cfg, the mouse settings, the network smoothness, virtual memory I increased to 1.5x what I have.

A few days ago I went onto a server with no people and it was smooth as butter. Even if I run it at 680x480 it stull stutters the same way.

I used the perfoverlay command to look at what the cpu and gpu are doing and the green and yellow spikes are off the chart everytime it stutters, mainly the CPU.

I have heard many people say this game ran fine and now it doesn't.

Any thoughts on what else I can do. I could buy more memory but what happens if that does not fix it, waste of money then.

I do not want to have to format because then I lose everything unless you can tell me the easiest way to format and conserve all my data and programs. I am dual booting xp and 7. I installed xp first but it does not run at all but it was my primary OS. How can I delete xp, format and keep everything?

thank you so much.


I don't play the game but if it is a Steam game you should try the verify the integrity of game cache. To change your win 7 to boot from first you have to change it in the bios so everytime you boot it will boot from win 7.

You can try this it is called game booster and it is free for now but at the end of June it will no longer be free. It is worth a try but an upgrade in your CPU would help. Well good luck and I hope this helps.