Battlefield 3 Intitializing


Anyone else have the perpetual "Intitialzing" bug? It seems to be stuck on that when I launch it from Battlelog. It launches the .exe and it's running in the process manager, but it dosen't appear to actually "run".


It's been like that since I bought the game in January. It's had a serious of issues, it was that first, followed by a load error, followed by "Windows Vista or later required" on a Windows 7 PC. $60 for something that I can't get to properly work. Installing it on two different computers, one of which is literally brand new out of the box hasn't led to a solution.
oK, you bought it in january but it's end of april, have you not played the game for 3 months or you've been trying to solve the problem for 3 months? sorry, this probably isn't relevant but I'm confused by the time lapse.

Also, can you please provide the hardware specs for the two computers you say you've tried the game on?

Judging from your signature, the only hitch I'd see is BF3 doesn't know what to do with xeon processor, especially if it's a dual cpu setup.

When you're installing, did you make sure to install all the software that comes on the CD with the game? Or was this a digital download?

Have you tried different browser to launch the game?

Is this the only game you've tried on the computers? Any other games present with similar problems?


Been trying to solve it for three months. I got campaign to work at one point, but EA Support attempted to fix it, and broke that too.

First machine is in the signature, just a single CPU however. Second machine is an i5 750, HD5670, 4 Gb of RAM.

I've un-installed and re-installed using either, didn't make a difference. I have the physical media.

IE9 and Chrome

No other games have issues, Medal of Honor (bought on Steam, but also exists on Origin) doesn't have issues. I believe it has to deal entirely with Battlelog and how EA has set things.
1 Repair your Battlefield 3 installation. To do this, go into your Origin Client, right-click Battlefield 3, and finally click “Repair Install”. What will happen is that all the latest patches and updates will be installed along with a fresh boot of BF3.
2 Update your nVidia / ATI graphics drivers.
3 Disable anti-aliasing and filtering
4 Disable V-sync
Disable background apps, and turn off your anti-virus software



Have done 1 & 2 already.

3 and 4 you can't do until you enter the game.

Disabling anti-virus allows the blasted "Vista or Higher" message to go away (thanks Norton), but the game still does not launch, still stuck on "Initializing". Waiting for 5-10 minutes does not make a difference.
This has happened to me a few times. I actually had to uninstall and re-install to fix the problem because the repair process through origin BETA is pretty much junk.

Another thing you should do is make sure punkbuster is fully updated. I noticed I've had the issues when I try to join a server that uses punkbuster, but my punkbuster install is not up to the latest release for BF3. Of course, the launch process gives absolutely no feedback with regard to you punkbuster release level and will just sit there in one of the launch phases (Initializing, Loggin In, Connecting). If you hit the 'Close Game' button during one of the 'Initializing...', 'Logging in...', or 'Connecting...' phases, the browser seems to think you ended the game, but you're left with a hung BF3.exe process. It won't end gracefully and you have to force it to end. This in turn gives you the warning about losing unsaved data and it could cause instability in the application. Well, sure as shoot, it does create instability in the application (most likely through the corruption of some file when you force the process to end). After too many of these, you can't start any of the game modes (multiplayer, co-op, or single player). Seriously, in a single player game, what am I logging in to? My guess is these three phases are all attached in some way to the origin BETA beta product and it logs in to check that you in fact have rights to run BF3. When you buy any EA products for PC, the box should indicate in big bold letters that running the software relies on a beta product by which you are the unpaid tester, but I digress...

There is something not ready for prime time with the battlelog web site's ability to handshake with origin BETA DRM, check your punkbuster version (and provide feedback if necessary) and control the BF3 application on your desktop completely. After too many forced BF3.exe process ends, you pretty much need a complete re-install which requires a fine 15.4GB download from origin BETA.

I check punkbuster for updates now every time before I fire up origin BETA. It seems to be working. But I still got stuck in 'Initializing...' once since and had to manually kill the BF3.exe process. Subsequently, I have been able to login without a complete install.

It's too bad there's no mechanism during launch that will alert you to the fact that there's been a punkbuster update.

Also, it's too bad I'm still in the habit of crossing my fingers each time the 'Initializing...', 'Logging in...', or 'Connecting...' verbage is displayed on my screen.

I had absolutely no issues with this prior to the April update and I've been running BF3 since the Alpha release. After the April update, this issue started happening for me.

I would say you should try a full re-install of BF3 and also make sure your punkbuster is up to date.