Battlefield 3 multiplayer a bit hard


Mar 29, 2010
So I played the beta of BF3 and enjoyed it, I had about 5 hours of playtime on Operation Metro. But most of the time I only get a few kills (4-6) and mostly get a ranking of #10-13.
I do not go for the objectives, I just go for the kills because I am new to this.
Does BF3 needs more than just shooting skills?

I dont know if it is that hard or it is because I am new to Battlefield. On Crysis 2 I can manage to have a good game and rank 3-5. And on Call of duty 4 I also get decent kills playing with my friends (although I do not play COD-MP that much, mostly campaign).



Oct 23, 2009
Remains to be seen I think..

My personal opinion:

Battlefield (and I'm talking from experience in 2142) used to rely on teamwork and communication based around squads sticking together and reviving fallen members so retaining numerical advantages over the enemy. Sure, good shooting skills help, but the game demanded squadplay.
That got screwed up badly in Bad Company 2 due to the failed VOIP implementation and the ability to spawn on any squad member rather than keeping the focus on sticking with the squad leader. My personal opinion again but there was far less incentive to show true squadplay.

BF 3 shows promise but I'm worried that the rumoured lack of in game VOIP will ruin the squadplay. It also remains to be seen what will happen with the squad management and how the squad leadership will pan out..

In conclusion, yes BF 3 should need more than just good shooting skills, it should need teamwork, appreciation of cover and tactical situations, but we'll see how that actually falls out of whatever arrives in retail


Sep 19, 2011

You just need to play it long enough to get the 1000 yard stare :)

Scoring on objectives helps and gives the most points, 250 pts for destroying an mcom. Also, play your class to the fullest. If you are playing assault, be sure to revive your team mates or at least throw them health when they need it. If you are playing support, be sure to give ammo to those team mates in need. Engineers also get points for repairs, although there were no vehicles in the demo.
Funny, our team almost always won as attackers. Remember, it's a team game and thus requires communication. It also helps if each squad breaks down into classes so that you can support each other.

If all you want to do is get kills, you'll want to play deathmatch mode instead of the other game types (rush, conquest).

Alex The PC Gamer

Oct 24, 2007

Like Hawk says, whether you're defending or attacking, teamwork is the key to winning at BF games. So yes, you'll see some team get raped sometimes because they're like chickens with their head cut off while the other teams has 3-5 squads making strategic moves play-by-play.

PS: I've been a chicken in the past. So do yourself a favor, play with friends or join a clan...anything you can do to avoid being one of them chicken!!!


Mar 29, 2012
No kidding. It is a hard game. Huge arenas are a cool idea, but if you don't spend all your time crouched and running to cover, basically doing all the things people hate in CoD, Halo, and basically every FPS back to Quake and Unreal, you'll get killed from one of 100 different directions. Also when you spawn with a squad you're either in a position where you're immediately being fired at, or you have to very quickly assess your situation. Part of FPS strategy is entering an area with tactics in mind. Say you see a building with a ladder, you could choose to go up and nab a few kills before people start gunning for you, or you could plan to skirt around the building to take a more mobile approach. Squad spawning removes that element. And if you don't spawn with a squad, have fun driving a vehicle 5 minutes to where the action is just to get sniped and do it all over again. Also, what's the point of shotguns in a game made for long range?

These online FPS's are really falling out of favor with me. They're more about twitch reflexes than anything else. Say what you want about Halo, but at least when you saw your enemy come around a corner, the fight wouldn't usually end in a matter of milliseconds.

I'll take wild jumping and shields any day over "realistic" shooters that are just an exercise in precision point and click scenarios.