Battlefield 3- No EA Services Folder


Hi forumers,

After having this same problem on my old computer, I eventually got it fixed after 3 weeks of toil and pulling out my hair. I wanted to fix it before I bought my new computer, so after I played for a little bit, I bought a new computer. When I got it, I merely just switched my HDD to my new computer, and after attempting to run BF3, I find that once again I do not have a Services Folder, as if it just magically left. This means I will get the message Could Not Activate etc etc. I'm not sure whether anyone else has experienced this, few have on the EA forums, which means EA don't know how to fix it (which is expected).

I've never held any respect for EA and always thought of them as the Worst Gaming Company ever in existence, and they also made that rubbish game FIFA to boot as well. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Many thanks