Battlefield 3 - nvidia gt525m or ati radeon hd6470m ?


Aug 18, 2011
Actually he can, my friend has a dell laptop with same GPU and he can play on high..No AA though :p.. it works fine in single player..but in multiplayer with big maps he'll have to tone down the settings otherwise it will lag like hell.

thats actually low settings where it is playable... you can tell by the texture pop on the building as he takes aim at it and watches the smoke... when he switches to medium you can tell it aint smooth.
so even on low settings it will be playable on single player with lots of gfx anomalies and texture pop, but on medium it wont .
. so again i say dont waste your money on that lappy or if you do , dont waste your money on bf3 as it will be near unplayable on multiplayer.
bare minimum for bf3 on a lappy should be a 555, the 525 just doesnt cut it.