Question Battlefield 5 Low FPS on 1080 Ti

Feb 11, 2019
Hey guys, if you could please have a look at this video and see why I'm getting this low fps on the game. It's hurting my obs recording and streaming as with obs on fps usually takes a big dip but if the fps was above 120 or more like everyone else obs dips wouldn't matter but now it does and its bothering me a lot.

Test Video

System Specs: i7 8700K
GTX 1080 ti
32 Gigs of Ram
I've tried doing a lot of stuff from to fix it from internet, like checking if the ram were set on dual channel, putting physx on 1080ti, putting everything on high performance from nvidia control panel, updating drivers and all of that kind of stuff. Even my friend with 1070 and 4700K gets better fps with same settings. I tried putting it on dx11 and 12 too and tried turning on and off all the settings in game.

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