[SOLVED] Battlefield 5 problems

Sep 17, 2019
Hi guys,

Just wanna play some BF V on lowest settings, but PC is lacking.

GTX 760 2 GB
B85-G41 PC Mate
8 GB Ram

I've seen people do it, mine just can't for some reason. Did all sorts of tests like Heaven and FurMark. Heaven had low FPS (12-15) but low temperature (68 degrees), FurMark had enough fps but high temperature ( 87). CPU seems to be having trouble as well during the games (being at 100%).

Just ordered a good fan to overclock CPU with Extreme Tuning. I know it should be time for an upgrade, but I don't replace things usually unless they're broken. Unfortunately, this motherboard doesn't support SLI, so another cheap 760 is a no go. Tried the MSI afterburner, but didn't work either.

Any other suggestions?
I've seen people do it, mine just can't for some reason.
You are not explaining what exactly the problem is.
It is supposed to run slow on your system.
Your CPU runs at about 3.5Ghz at default and your GPU only has 2gb of vram.
In single player campaigns or on smaller maps you should get a decent level of performance but on larger maps or with plenty of people on line performance will be bad.

Overclocking will help a lot if you were running at default till now.