Question BDO Performance Issues on New PC


Nov 10, 2013
So after installing BDO on my new pc that I've had for about a year, I seem be having an issue of being stuck with terrible CPU and GPU utilisation; however all my other games, (Witcher 3, Metro Exodus, Monster Hunter World) run great. I've tried full screen, window and windowed full screen. Whether I'm running on the highest or lowest settings (with GSYNC/VSYNC off or on, and at different monitor refresh rates of 60/120/144/170hz) I still only get between 45 to 55fps; and yes low power mode is disabled in game. I have tried reinstalling the game again and verifying files to no avail. Has anyone else has the same or similar issues and found a solution that might help?

GTX 3080 running on the latest drivers 472.12 (stock)
Ryzen 5800x water cooled (stock)
16GB DDR4 Ram
Installed on an IVME.2 SSD
Using a 170hz gsync monitor

disable TXAA, its performance hog if you not moving around...also causes huge fps drops during fights
game isnt cpu can run 60fps on 4core phenom (not counting crowded places)..20% cpu utilisation is fine in your image..if you would have more than somethinng would be wrong (windows 11 for example :p)

that render latency is from GPU...DDU and reinstall drivers maybe?