Be happy with my overclock setting or change?


Mar 7, 2006
Ok I'm running an e8400 (3.0ghz) 4gb of Ram with a xfx 680i lt Mobo.

Trying to push the cpu to 3.6 ghz and the ram to 1066.

Its my first OC and system ive built so almost all my knowledge is from reading articles so far but here I go.

Its been a back and forth for a couple of days trying to find a low vcore and stable cpu after a little frustration I decided to let the mobo auto the settings while I headed to work for the day. Im now home 8 hours later to see Prime 95 still doing its job so Im pretty happy.

This is what my setting are at from the auto in my MOBO.

1.31 Vcore
1.3 Mobo
1.85 RAM

all this for 8 hours Im looking temps wise of 53-56c load on the cpu which sounds decent to me

CPU-Z gives me a volt reading of 1.296

My memory is rated at 1000mhz which I have it running 1066 from my mobo default 800. OCZ the ram maker suggests a voltage of 2.1 for the ram and a different timing set then whats current 5-5-5-15, with their setting 5-4-4-15

Should I change anything in your opinion. Im reading 1.275-1.280 is a good number try for vcore wise now and should I change my ram settings to the OCZ's recommendations if everything has been swell for 8+hours now?