Review be quiet! Shadow Rock 3 Review: Quiet Cooling on a Budget


Jun 18, 2015
What does mid-range mean ?

What TDP will this work for ? (answered own question - Be quiet website says it's good for 190TDP)

Good enough for a i7 stock or i7k OC ?

I think the heat handling power of these cooling solutions should be better quantified.

I would also like all around pictures of the box specs like on a quality PSU review.


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I believe I used the term 'mid-sized' cooler - not a compact cooler, not a ultra-large tower cooler; this was also explained in a few areas. I tried to avoid 'mid-range', although this also does apply somewhat there, as both price and performance compared to each of the above.

This depends on your definition of TDP.

So, based on this information, it is difficult to 'state' a value without a) a lot of high-end equipment to validate results reported by user-grade hardware, and b) using a normalized standard which would apply to any/all coolers regardless of what is printed on the packaging.

Our test system is an overclocked six-core i7-5930k at 4.20Ghz @1.20v. So, yes, an overclocked i7.

I'd rather show photos of the product rather than the packaging. Photos of the box can be seen online or you can read more details on the be quiet! site, if you prefer. My thought is that I want to provide the visualization of the product a person is not going to see, even if they are holding the package in their hands (to read and inspect the box). Most retailers don't like you taking products out and messing about with them in the store.

Thanks for the feedback and your opinions, hopefully I was able to clear some details up.


Aug 9, 2010
The be quiet! Shadow Rock 3 displaces top performers in our mid-range heatpipe cooler go-to list.

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"Lack of RGB lighting options"

Is that a reason do downscore? This is a device meant to cool CPUs. You admit that it does it well. If you are going to chop the score because it doesn't do things other than its job then you might as well knock off points because it won't mow the lawn or cook a chicken.