Bearlake. Is there any point when Socket B is coming?


Aug 16, 2006

I was originally going to purchase a 965P mobo for my new build but then decided to wait for the new Bearlake mobos as I "thought" it would future proof me for around 2 years, and that I would only need to upgrade the CPU in due course.

However, I found out today that the new Intel Socket B will be out next year! So my question is, is there any point getting a Bearlake mobo now? If it is only going to be valid for around a year, with no chance of accepting the new Socket B processors, why have Intel decided to release it?

It's a bit stupid as probably all you lot with the 965P/975X/680i will most likely not be able to use the new 45nm CPU (Penryn) and all those who get Bearlake, thinking that they are future proofed have no idea with Socket B out next year...

This is whack!

Check out the above road map.

Look at it this way. If I purchased a CPU and mobo today, regardless of it is 965P or Bearlake, I will not be upgrading my CPU for at least a year. With that in mind, I would still need a new mobo next year either for AM3 (AMD) or Socket B (Intel)...

Thus, whats the point in Bearlake?


Oct 1, 2006
Theres lots of reasons for waiting for bearlake. I know because i'm waiting for it myself.

- It will offically support 1333 fsb
- It will support pci-e 2.0
- It will support ddr3
- It will be 65nm, s0 it should overclock better and use less power.
- It will boost performace slightly
- It will support penryn, which should be cheap when your ready to upgrade because Nehalem will be out, leaving a great upgrade path.

And all you have to do is wait 1 more month.


Sep 5, 2006
There's a reasonable chance Bearlake X38 will support proper x16/x16 Crossfire - that might be worth waiting for.