Beckton?? What is that?

it is part of the Nehalem-based xeon was supposed to come out sometime this year

EDIT - Sorry forgot the rest of what i was gonna say the chip was actully already done back in beginning of 2009 I'm not sure what has become of it but intel is still slated to release 6 and 8 core chips in Q 2


Sep 15, 2009

Everywhere I looked says that the cpu is slated to have 4 QPIs. Where did you find 8?

Edit: Nevermind; there's a difference between "works" and "scales optimally"
Honestly, you don't need a full QPI bus from every CPU to every other CPU to scale nearly perfectly. I wouldn't be at all surprised if an 8 socket Beckton scaled extremely well compared to the 4 socket version.

Beckton will be a Xeon MP CPU, so it's a server processor for big servers. I am also surprised Intel didn't opt for 32 nm fabrication, but I do know that validation cycles with server CPUs tends to be long and maybe Intel had Beckton undergoing validation before 32 nm was ready for use. Or maybe they're selling Becktons for enough money and at low enough clock speeds that it doesn't really matter if the CPU is fabbed on 45 nm or 32 nm.

Intel said it's able to go up to 32-socket configurations with a suitable chipset.

I'd wager that's pretty close. Dunningtons (which have a smaller die) sell for that, so I betcha it will be every bit of $2000 for the least-expensive 8-core Beckton.