Question Been experiencing stutters and short freezes after BIOS update, should I roll back?

May 8, 2019
I built my new PC a couple months ago and the last part I got was the GPU. After installing it and realizing I didn't have all drivers, my games were crashing and giving me issues so I reinstalled windows, updated my BIOS from the oldest version to the latest, and used the implemented ASUS software to get all the drivers I needed. After this, I began gaming and all I get now is short freezes and random stuttering in all my games, sort of like lagging. Temps are fine, games don't crash and hardware is all brand new, but now things stutter and skip frames. I am immensely sad about all of this, I spent $2000 on a new PC and I haven't been able to enjoy it whatsoever. Please help.

Should I rollback a BIOS update? Should I try a clean wipe of my SSD and reinstall windows again? The short stutters and little freezes (like lagging) are driving me insane and not what I expected from a $2000 PC.

  • i7 9700k (stock)
  • 16GB RAM Corsair
  • ASUS Prime Z-390-A MOBO
  • EVGA RTX 2070 XC
  • EVGA 750 W PSU
  • Cooler Master Hyper 212
  • 500 GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD
  • 512 GB M.2 WD Black


Apr 19, 2017
i know after some bios updates you have to make sure to reinstall all drivers since it can do some complex things in the background that you cant see but can confuse drivers . if that doesnt work could try downloading all the drivers from the support web site then reinstalling windows and making sure to not connect to the internet until you have installed all the drivers if that doesnt fix the problem it could be a bad bios install or could just go back to the older bios that worked for you unless the older bios had problems 🤔

also just a note after installing a new bios all settings get reset as far as im aware
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