Beeping desktop :O


May 12, 2008
since a month or 2,
the desktop (one that the whole family uses) is starting to become anoying...

When for example I play a game nothing wrong till like 10 minutes, then there is a beep sound (BU-BI-BU-BI-BU-BI....)
that lasts forever and is so loud that it is not good for the ears, u can't stay in that room cuz of the sound :p
Now the sound comes out of the case, I've not made the desktop myself, my father bought it (4years ago!!! :p) pre-built.

Now since I'm browsing this forum for like a month, I learned that cleaning the case is pretty good now and then...
I never cleaned it in like 4-5years, never opened it... and it's under my bureau-table (pretty dusty)
Maybe I should do that once :p

What causes that sound, where does it come from???