Before you buy ATI, watch this!


Mar 11, 2011
If it performs the same as its Nvidia rival and the price is cheaper I would not care about noise. I go for price vs performance no matter if the card is from AMD or Nvidia.
If the card is noisy and irritates you - That is what earphones or speakers are for.
Any high end card with the fan set to 100% will sound exactly same. Under normal use, with good case ventilation, and no GPU overclocking, the fan will seldom if ever hit 100%. (he is applying the fan speed manually here with an overclocking tool) Put the side of the case on, and it will muffle it a little, but in a nutshell, a high end card is going to make a little noise if you push it hard, that is all there is to it.


Jan 6, 2010
this is dumb. It's like saying "watch how noisy and expensive and power hungry the gtx 480 is before buying nvidia"

AMD and Nvidia offer good cards, AMD have good GPUs like the 5770(6770), 6850, 6890 and 6950-1GB. Nvidia has good cards too, like the gtx 560, the gtx 570 and gtx 580. go to tomshardware's best card for the money.

I have a HD 6850 cyclone power edition OC and at first I had to check if the cooler was working because I didnt hear anything, not even under load.

Go back you your cave, fanboy
Not exactly news and nvidia cards are not exactly innocent of that either. Of course it sounds louder with the case side panel removed. That's one of the reasons there are so many with dual or tripple fan non reference coolers. I recommend the gigabyte cards ^_^


Jun 9, 2006

I got a 6870 and played with the manual settings in Catalyst Control Center. Of course the fan gets really loud when you manually set the RPMs to high numbers. However, on stock settings, where it is allowed to adjust the fan speed automatically based on heat, I can barely hear the card above the other case fans. The most intense game I have played so far is Oblivion on max settings. However, I do know that the 6870 puts out similar noise numbers to the Nvidia equivalents.


Oct 17, 2011

Thanks for the response...

ALso which is more better Nvidia ot AMD?


Man give me a break all gpu sound like that when the fan is set to 100 percent. The video says nothing about the card. Do this take a 580 and set the fan to 100 percent and it will be just as loud. You must be a total noob to gpus. +1 for a pointless post.


My GTX 560 with a single center fan raises all kinds of hell at 100%. I think any card does. I must admit, when I turn mine up from 30% to 50% I could barely tell the difference. Very quiet at that speed. The ATI in the video does seem to make more noise at 50%.