Question Beginner Looking For Mining/Node Hardware Recommendation

Jul 7, 2021
I fell down the digital asset rabbit hole, like so many others, about 8 months ago. Life had been/has been very difficult and I really needed a hobby to escape with. Crypto, learning about Web 3, coding etc was something I had never dived into/knew much about and after these last 8 months I wish I hadn’t gone into healthcare as a career. I love learning about how all of these cutting edge protocols work and learning about all of ways individuals can contribute.

To that end, I was hoping to start getting more involved with a protocol and was considering attempting to run a node or take on mining more seriously, mainly as a hobby. I have been researching the Mina Protocol and minimum mode hardware specs and wanted to see if anyone could point me in the best direction to start this journey. Minimum specs are at least 8 cores and 16gb RAM. Also, I have been mining Monero on my MacBook, but that was just to get a feel for it. I have been researching the AMD Ryzen, but don’t really know what it takes to achieve the most effective set up.
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