Question Beginner questions about upgrading prebuilt hp slim 270

Mar 28, 2022
So I have an old HP slimline 270-p033w that I’m considering upgrading (for educational purposes mostly) vs shelling out cash for a newer one. Forgive me for any dumb questions I may ask, I’m hoping to learn something here. Currently, intel celeron processor, Lubin motherboard, ddr4 8gb. 100% stock. Specs show this mobo can take up to an i7-7700 or i7-7700T. Or… i can swap the mobo for one that accepts AMD for $50 and can go that route. I’m not a big gamer or anything. I do a lot of downloading and some 3d graphic designing & blueprints for new houses. I like amd processors personally but cost wise it comes out to be about the same in the end. Am I wasting my time with this old pc or is there still enough life in this old horse to give it an upgrade? I also plan to upgrade to 16gb ram and a ssd. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


While at first glance the motherboard looks to be micro ATX, it is not. I have experience transferring that same motherboard to a standard case and the screw holes do not align as HP changed them just enough to make it incompatible. The power supply is nonstandard and cannot be upgraded either. So you can not upgrade the motherboard at all.

As far as graphics, you are very limited as to what graphics cards will work. Not only are you limited to low profile cards without a 6 pin, the 24pin placement on the motherboard is right under the PCIe slot and blocks many cards from fitting properly.

An upgrade to an i7 would be costly but would provide a good performance increase for certain 3d design applications. 16gb ram would also be a compatible upgrade as well.

But given the limitations, in my opinion you would be best off selling this computer and moving onto something else.
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