Belkin Wireless Issues: Connected, but not really


Jan 28, 2006
I have multiple computers running off a Belkin F5D7230-4 802.11g wireless router, each using the paired Belkin F5D7000 version 3000/3001 NIC. I've had 0 problems regarding installation, and it was fairly newb to setup.

I am having a MAJOR problem staying connected however, Router properties shows me as being connected to the internet, and my signal strength does not drop below 80% @ 54mbps. I bought this solely so the computers in my house can online game, as I am unable to run CAT5 through some areas of this house. The network is secured with 128bit WEP Encryption, and it only connects computers that I specified w/MAC addresses.

Im finding that my ping fluctuates between 17000 and 50ms in Ventrilo, First person shooters are out of the question due to the EXTREME spiking in game which leaves me dead after I recover, and sometimes I cant connect to servers / go linkdead after about 20-45 minutes of gameplay in a Role Playing Game. I have been resetting the modem and router to get it back up and working for 20-45minutes, but this is extremely frustrating. If anyone has run into this problem with this product please let me know, Im open to suggestions so please feel free (The hammer and duct tape fix has already been suggested:) ).


Dec 25, 2005
I had a friend that bought a belkin, becuse it was cheap, FOR A REASON. It was nothing but problems. It would lockup, and the only way to clear it was blow away the setting back to factory. Sometime it had to be done repeatedly. Do your self a favor and get something else. I have had good luck with USR and Linksys products. Have also used SMC products with very littte problems.

A problem with most residential router is the logging functions. Set them to only log ERRORS. Most when the log fills up the router locks up. The USR is the only one that I have that does not have this problem. Most people just do a power cycle, which clears this log.