Question Benchmark results


What games are lacking and what resolution/ graphics settings? UB looks alright, no obvious thermal throttling, ram running at speed and ssd not too full. Not much more you can do hardware wise on that motherboard, maybe 9900 for HT which 9700k is lacking that can make a difference nowadays.

Background usage seems high at 22%. If there was something else running while testing UB then don't worry about it. If not sure why background usage is highish then run virus scan, check task manager/ startup items. Maybe reinstall Windows if Win11 was an upgrade. Rule of thumb after an upgrade is reinstall for clean os.
I was wondering depending on these results can someone can tell me if my PC needs an upgrade on a specific part or not, I notice in some games my FPS is not as good as expected from the parts.

Asus ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING Performance Results - UserBenchmark
You might want to update the bios and look to see if other mobo drivers need updating.

Run ubm like this.
Wait a few mins.
Run ubm with the browser closed.