[SOLVED] Benchmarking and apps like those not showing fps?


Sep 9, 2018
It's weird that no app like msi afterburner can show on screen fps stats.
I have a XFX rx 570 and recently i guess after windows 10 2004 update i think i have tried almost all apps that have option to show onscreen stats but none can show fps except for fps everything else is shown. HEck even Radeon own software shows everything except fps.
Also i noticed that windows xbox game bar wasn't showing fps but when i hovered on fps option i saw a tip message that extended user rights access is required to show and when i clicked on it asked me admin permissions and then was written to reboot pc and after that xbox game bar showed fps stats.
But i want to see fps stats from msi afterburner which shows everything from cpu usage to gpu usage and temps even frametime but not fps.
Can someone just help me out here..