Benchmarks, benchmarks, we want to see benchmarks...

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Any and all benchies welcome, from high to low it doesn't matter.

Don't be afraid this isn't a laughing contest nor a pissing contest, just a place people can go a see how different systems perform.


System specs, benchmark running and results.

I7-2600K @4.5ghz, 16gb RAM 12800 CL9, XFX 6950 CF @920/1375 (x8, x8) 1920 X 1080, Intel 120gb 510 series SSD, HX1050


Some benchmarks:
3Dmark (all)
PCMark7 (PCMark5 for Vista users)
SiSoftware Sandra
Game bechies (all)



get my system specs listed and resolutions I'll be running..

unit 1:
i5-760 @ 3.4GHz / 4GB RAM 1600MHz CL8 / SLi NGTX 460 HAWK @ 780/1560 (x8, x8) / Agility 2 90GB SSD / 900-watt RF Silver 80+
1280 x 1024 and/or 3840 x 1024 (2D surround) - resolutions

unit 2:
965BE @ 3.4GHz (stock) / 8GB 1600MHz CL9 @ (1333) / EVGA GTX 460 SSC+ @ 850/1700 (x16) / G. Skill Pro 60GB SSD / 700-watt Sentey
1600 x 900 and/or 1920 x 1080p - resolutions

just cause 2, metro 2033 are a few game benches in particular.

So you did get the Metro bench... cool


as soon as I get it..

tropics and heaven settings:
API: DX11,
Stereo 3D: Disabled,
Ambient Occlusion:yes,
Reflection: yes,
Shaders: High,
Anisotropy: 16,
Anti-aliasing: 4x,
Full Screen: Yes,
Textures: High...
Resolution: 1080p...

I personally run PhysX with my games, I like the eye-candy..

I want to see :whistle:



Wow you're right... I actually completely overlooked that. CF latency maybe? I'll retest after I feed my kids.



re-ran it with exactly the same settings and the results look better...

... I have an animated background and while I can't remember if it was enabled or not it could explain the min. fps anomaly(??).


i5-760 @ 3.4GHz - SLi GTX 460 Hawks - SSD

(3840 x 1024 full res.)
batman: arkham asylum
benmark results (fps)
min - 39
max - 79
ave - 73
definitely playable..:D

Did the game come with a bench or did you have to use a 3rd party app?
i5-760 @ 3.4GHz - SLi GTX 460 Hawks - SSD

(3840 x 1024 full res.)
batman: arkham asylum
benmark results (fps)
min - 39
max - 79
ave - 73
definitely playable..:D

Im thinking that 3840X1024 must be a good deal more demanding than 1200p

what where your exact settings? I will do one on my system..
Well I tried the Heaven bench
What a lesson in humility that was LOL
At full settings
min 2 fps
avg 4
max 8
prettiest slideshow I ever saw :)

to be playable at full settings on Heaven
I would have to run it at either 1024x768
or 800x600

I can do DX9 at 1920x1080 2x 2x
and get @
12 min
22 avg
45 max
which is watchable but probably not playable

lets hope that the HD 7670 low profile comes out soon

Will somebody please run the Lightsmark bench?

I know it is older but you guys have got to check it out
really wild graphics


Found out Batman Arkham Asylum, Hawx and Mafia 2 offer benchmarks with the demos through steam. First I downloaded Batman but for some reason it won't run(??) and don't want to waste time trying to play with it. Ran Mafia 2 with high settings, no phyx (look below) and did another run with phyx set to high and the frames were laughable... avg of 24 fps! Huh?




I'll run that bench for ya...

Edit: by the way Mafia 2 is an ugly, ugly game...

Cool thanks
You will get a laugh at your FPS
it is older so you will have a incredible FPS

well as you probably know when you physx with ATI/AMD cards
the physx load is on your CPU usually

with a 2600k 2xHD6950 getting 24FPS means that is a hard bench

It would be interesting to see Mal with the Physix setup (460/250?)
and compare

I will go run Lightsmark
It will make me feel better after that horrible Heaven bench
(seriously why does ATI market HD 5670 as DX11 card-right now best I can do is 1280x1024 Very High Metro 2033 DX11
and that is borderline playable FPS)

Did anybody read Toms Rage review article on home page?
auto adjusts to get 30 or 60FPS
Dont want to go OT
so PM to chat about it

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