Question BenQ 24" GL2460 Issues


Nov 9, 2013
Hey everyone.

I keep having an issue with one of my monitors which has now been temporarily replaced with an older one till i either buy a new one or fix this issue.

For the last couple weeks the monitor will randomly shut off and the power button goes off with it (sometimes) but for example if im playing Youtube on said monitor it will continue to play the video and I can hear the audio and I can also still drag the internet browser to my main monitor. So it works but doesnt display anything. I've changed out both the power cord and dvi cord and still have the same issue.

I have also checked to see what happens if JUST my PS5 is plugged in/running and within 30 seconds to a minute the display shut off and came back on 3-5 mins later.

Is there a solution to fix this or is my monitor going to the recycle depot graveyard?



Reads to me like the panel is on it's way out, likely a mainboard failure that handles all the inputs for the panel. You could pick up a donor/replacement mainboard off of Ebay or their ilk or salvage from a panel that has a broken/damaged display but you're going to have to open up your panel to inspect the mainboard. How old is the panel in question? Warranty left on it?