Question BenQ "EX2510S" Monitor COLOR DEPTH. 8bpc vs 10bpc vs 12bpc ?

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First of all, if a similar query has already been explained and answered before, then please kindly re-direct me to that thread/topic. I'm too lazy to search the forums, lol. Though, I did Google search but couldn't find any concrete answers.

Anyway, this is just a short question. I'm having the following Monitor model, BenQ EX2510S. I have an AMD RX 480 GPU, and in the Radeon Software control panel, there are 3 settings to choose from when it comes to the "Color Depth", 8bpc, 10bpc and 12bpc, under advanced display settings.

I'm actually confused, because which one of those values should I select and choose when playing GAMES, or Watching HD Movies ? Okay, I know higher the color depth, the more accurate and deep the colors are going to be displayed on-screen? Or is it something else in theory ?

But my main point is, which of those values shall I use at least when playing GAMES ? Will there be a huge visual difference noticeable on the screen whilst gaming ? I do also enable HDR as well, depending on the game being played, but shall I stick with the highest 12bpc value for everything ? Any disadvantage if I use 8bpc value instead of 10 or 12bpc in games or movies ?

I think for Animation/Visual 3D Modelling, Photoshop, SFX, MAYA, Video editing/production, and stuff like that, 12bpc value would be beneficial? For gaming, just 8bpc ?

Monitor Link:

MOBIUZ 24.5" 165Hz FHD 1080p 1ms IPS Gaming Monitor | EX2510S | BenQ US


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I'm too lazy to search the forums, lol.
oh... im too lazy to look for an answer then :D

10bpc seems minimum from what I can tell.

some website you might have heard of -,36912.html

10-bit is required for HDR to function properly. 12-bit is pretty much exclusively production/photography/editing/etc. only. Unless you are working in that field, you'll never see a use for it, since no consumer media out there has a 12-bit standard.
Someone did ask your question, just not here:

Just use 10, especially if you use HDR.
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Thanks for the links, Colif. I will go through them after some time when I reach home. And Yes, thanks for NOT being lazy to answer my answer. :love: On a serious note, it looks like 10bpc setting is the way to go, at least when using HDR.

By the way, somehow I overlooked/missed that TOM"s Hardware article it seems, by Sora Thompson. I will go through that soon though.


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No need to read 2nd link, i quoted main point from it.

WE are a wealth of knowledge, its just hard to find it all sometimes.

Shame my display only 8 bit I assume, I don't have hdr but LG hdr isn't amazing, so I didn't feel like I was missing a lot.