Question Benq GW2270 - Input VGA wont work

Apr 27, 2019
So I bought one of these. Should have just gone with one with an HDMI but that's ok to late now lol.

I built a PC and it is connected to the DVI port and works perfectly fine. To keep my xbox running and since I use an elgato to do fifa streams occasionally I decided to buy a HDMI to VGA plug and I hooked it up to the elgato monitor and xbox. It works because the Elgato screen on my PC shows that it's properly connected.

However When I go to input and I click on D-Sub the screen goes black for like 3 seconds then returns to the DVI screen. Kinda frustrating Tbh and I really want to play FIFA lol.

I took the cable out put it back. Made sure the wiring is good for the Elgato. Tried taking out the DVI and trying the VGA alone didn't work. Tried connecting just the HDMI to VGA without the Elgato didn't work.

Support is off till Monday. Please help.


If it's a simple pass through, which makes no sense, then it won't. All current cards have no native VGA/analog support. You need an active adapter to make that work. DVI-A and DVI-I both have the analog signal, but everyone uses DVI-D which is digital only. HDMI is digital only.

Which adapter did you buy?