Review BenQ Mobiuz EX3210U 4K Monitor Review: Big Screen, Big Color, Better HDR Contrast

Considering the price of these bigger 4k 120-165hz IPS monitors I think it's almost always better to get an OLED of some kind in its place. OLED is so much better looking than IPS or MVA panels and they can be just as accurate with the colors and have competing viewing angles. The new QD-OLED panels that Samsung uses are the cream of the crop as far as panel technology. I dont understand how these companies sell these 900+ dollar non-OLED panel monitors...


Jun 25, 2008
You had me until the responde time chart. Judging from the image, 6ms on the MSI is 75% faster than 7ms on the other monitors. I remember a time when graphs helped us to faster understand a content. Now i must triple check numbers and Fine print before coming up to a conclusion about a graph.
May 13, 2023
I read reviews on this monitor. I saw that some users have returned this product due to a dead pixel at the middle of the screen.

I want to confirm, if the monitor has this problem or not, if someone is using this.