Question BenQ Monitor or Samsung TV for console gaming

Dec 3, 2019
I realize this is a PC-oriented forum, but I wanted a reliable way of getting some answers/advice. I am planning on ordering a PS5 when pre-orders open up so that I can play Bloodborne, Demon's Souls, and such. I'd have already gone for a PS4 Pro if the PS5 weren't coming out soon and if I didn't also want to play the Demon's Souls remake.

I currently use a 24" BenQ RL2455HM monitor for my PC gaming and I love it. Never had any issues with it. It allegedly has integrated speakers, but I've never used them (quality headphones all the way). It's going on 5 years of use and travel and such, and still going strong for me.

My issue is that I also have a Samsung TV. It's a UN40EH5300F Smart TV; it's an older TV made in 2012, I think, but I don't know when my grandmother actually bought it since I inherited it from her. I've never used the "smart" aspect or internet on it or anything since I was using it just to watch DVDs/Blu-rays before. It's also not connected to cable/satellite and never will be. The displaylag site lists it as being "great" with "excellent" (what my monitor is listed as) being the best. Should I calibrate the TV in order to have my games look decent and not lag much or should I just disconnect the monitor from my desktop and use it for the PS5 any time I want to switch over for some console gaming? I don't do any sort of competitive gaming where minimal lag is super important, but at the same time lagging in a SoulsBorne game could be a very quick and stupid way to get killed.

Related: If y'all think the TV will do just fine, what settings do you recommend to get the best results? I know many recommend using PC mode rather than Game mode and also adjusting the warmth to 1 or 2, and making other color adjustments. I need to properly adjust it for my DVDs/Blu-rays anyway, so I'll be fine fiddling with that part of the TV.

I know spec-wise that the gaming monitor is the best of the two and the one I should use. I just want to know how the TV stacks up against it and if I'm very likely to really notice that much of a difference if I use the TV for console gaming. The only sort of competitive type game I might end up playing is Fall Guys if a friend decides to give it a try with me when I finally get the PS5, but that's a silly little competitive battle royale and not something like other major competitive online games.

I did look at one thread and people did comment on how good Samsung TVs are. A potential issue is that my TV is an older one that's 1080p instead of 4K or even 2K. 60Hz refresh rate though, which is the same as my monitor. Thanks in advance for any advice! I really appreciate it. This forum has been great at answering my questions and helping me out.