Question BenQ Monitor turns on and off after I press the power button. Fix?


Jul 30, 2017
So... context first, the specific monitor is a GL2440 1080p, hdmi. I got this monitor out of a local second hand dealer about 2-3 years ago. About 1 year ago I started to notice when I power on my pc the monitor started to power off after some seconds. At first I only needed to press once the power button for it to function normally, but gradually it happened more often and it came at a point that I have to keep pressing the button 5 minute at best or more to even show a glimpse of the desktop. Randomly the light from the button stays on (the color is green all the time) where I can't press it to power off, I can fix it by cutting power to the monitor. The same happens but the button light is off and the exact things happen except if I wait 1-2 minutes I can press it again only in my despair to come full circle . On top of that in the final minutes where it can finally work I hear noises either from the speakers or the components of the power/main bord, where I get scared of fire and unplug the monitor from the wall, and at times the screen goes full green for a second or gray lines but not fully to the borders of the display and a bright flash of gray + the purple logo disabled itself.
I couldn't find a fix or a guid online nor my friends know what to do. I tried difrent cables, didn't change, I tried to fiddle with the settings in the menu but nothing. But I discovered another menu by accident only one time so... there's an "Auto" button that displays sliders for rgb settings, idk what it means but I'll discribe it, from top tu bottom: R- 0---256, G(same), B(same), there was something else here but I can't remember, then the rgb thing repeated once.
I can post a video of the painful process if nececery.
In any case I will replace the monitor aniway in the next month but I wanted to have a second one for multy tasking.
Dec 16, 2019
hi there, sounds like either your power button or power adaptor is dying and unstable. For an issue like this, I won't recommend you fix it DIY. Considering it's a second-hand monitor and it's already out of the warranty period. Just use it as 2nd monitor until it dies naturally. RIP.