Question Benq monitor via displayport not picking up

Apr 16, 2019
Hey guys,

I picked up two benq xl2411P's and am trying to connect them via displayport. My video card is a zotac geforce gtx 1060. It has 3 display ports, 1 hdma and 1 vga. At first, the only way to get these two new monitors to work was to have my old 3rd monitor connected via vga. If I only had one or two new ones connected, I would get to the bios option screen and then be followed by a black screen and the message "no display connected".

I got some help over the phone (Benq said to call microsoft). The only way I've been able to boot up so far using my two new monitors only was to have one as display port and the other as hdmi. It's kinda lame to only have one so far as 144hz so I was hoping to get some help. The tech said it has to do with my video card not being able to handle more than one display port as the same time. Anyone have any ideas?

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