BenQ PG2401PT, 24-inch Color Accurate Monitor Review

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Aug 2, 2014
So, maybe it's because I've sort of been out of the game for a while, but back when I got my current monitor, Samsung 27" something or other, 1920x1200 was kind of the standard for a decent monitor. I suppose that's changed? I've had no desire to get a new one since, so again I don't keep up with them, but it seems strange that four years later that resolution/aspect is no more.


Xan13x, alas it's the result of general consumer supply & demand,
mixed with the convenience for manufacturers of making mostly
1080 screens. When I hunted for a 2560x1600 screen last year,
I was shocked at the prices, because the same thing has happened
at 2560, ie. the market has narrowed in on 1440 height instead of 1600,
so the latter are now expensive (assuming one can find them at all),
eg. the Iiyama XB3070WQS-B1 is about 700 UKP, and the HP Z30i
is more than 1000 UKP.

At the least one positive from all this is that good 1200-height IPS
panels are now much more affordable. My first 1920x1200 IPS was
an HP LP2475W which cost about 450 UKP, but today the Dell U2412M
costs less than half that much (is the Dell better? Well, yes & no,
different feature set, etc., but the screen is nice).

I gave up on finding an affordable IPS 2560x1600, and meanwhile it
was obvious review sites had settled on 1440 height anyway (a few
years ago many sites were still testing wtih 1600 screens, but not
now), so I bought a Dell U2713HM instead which works pretty well,
except for its irritating resolution limitation over HDMI (watchout for
that if you buy a new screen, some models only support their max
res via DVI or DP - the Dell I bought can't do more than 1080 via HDMI).




Dec 8, 2006
Most accurate computer display tested on Tom's is a BenQ. Say what!?
In case you didn't know, BenQ is the parent company of AU Optronics, which is one of the largest panel manufactures in the world. Other companies (Samsung, Dell, Apple, etc.) use AUO panels in some of their products.


Jan 28, 2006
16:10>16:9 for anything other than movies that extra pixel height for gaming is a major difference maker in a competitive MOBA game like LoL among other games. It's too bad cheap 1920x1200 displays got phased out for 1080p same with some of the other now odd ball display resolutions that were once much more common.
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