News BenQ SW321C Monitor Shows What Photos Will Look Like Printed on Your Favorite Printer and Paper


Aug 22, 2011
Put it in context of Apple's $2000 stand for their pro monitor and this is a steal, lol.

But seriously, when you're doing wedding photos and sitting with the client and print it out and it looks significantly different on paper than it did on screen, you're going to lose confidence from the client, and the amount you can charge is directly proportional to the confidence of the client. So this could pay itself off in a week, easily.

Phil Indeblanc

Jan 4, 2011
I can see it around $1200, but if you are spending around 1500 or more, you may as well get the Eizo.
BenQ has had lots of build quality issues, but they may have improved, and often you can get a good screen.

Asus has a model about $1200 that does what this can other than the paper gimmick.
Any experienced professional uses an i1 Pro calibration for screen and printer and will find this a gimmick for entry level enthusiasts with extra change. Even a i1 CM would do better than what the limited to a few printers and papers software can do from BenQ.
If you don't buy an i1, you can get your printer and paper calibrated by other service "labs" that can for you around $30-75~

The most important thing is the Delta E, the brightness, the LUT calbration cabailities, and the support of the different color modes in sRGB, AdobeRGB, and a few others is great...BUT, when you go way out of those gamuts, its NOT as easy to keep them tame and accurate in the smaller gamuts.
So ProRGB, or such might "infect" other gamuts.