Question BenQ XL2411Z - Xbox Series X 120fps Advice

Mar 10, 2021
Hi, I realise this question has been brought up a lot but I'll admit I'm a bit clueless when it comes to cables/monitors etc. I think my situation is the same as many, many others but hoping my own post about it will direct me to the right solution for me.

I have just bought a Series X and have a BenQ XL2411Z monitor. Granted, it's now a 'bit' older but it says it can support 1080p 144hz via DVI dual link and as mentioned in many posts before, the series X doesn't have a DVI port. I've tested on my PC and can set it to 144hz so I now know it's possible.

I've tried on the off chance it would work, setting my xbox to not auto detect and picked HDMI directly. I then got the option to select 120hz but the screen went black and then reset back to 60hz.

I've seen a number of posts with varying results and links to cables that work from Amazon US etc. I've seen posts about active adapters and a number of different cables etc. What I'm not sure about is whether all cables are 'equal' or do I need to buy a certain one to allow it to reach 120fps or is it not possible? If it's possible for someone to link me to a cable/solution I can buy from Amazon UK I would be very grateful!