Question Benq XL2546 flicker on desk vibration

Aug 10, 2019
So this is kind of a weird one I would say. But recently I have bought a Benq XL2546 monitor for gaming and working. I never actually thought about it, but when I was playing I hit my desk once and saw a flash of light appear and dissapear. Yea this was very fast. Basically when I hit my desk monitor flashes mostly in the center. So I started wondering why. I have dual setup and my second lg monitor doesn't do staff like that. Also my friend has Benq XL2540 and it doesn't happen to him. I did move my monitor to my brother's desk and it kept happening, while his older Benq 120hz doesn't do it.

The question is if I should be worried or is it in some way normal? Not sure if hitting desk and having a flash on the screen for half a second counts for a warranty. Tho now I wonder if this is the only minus I have but I don't notice other. Maybe You have any idea on what is going on.

Here is a short video I recorder: