Question BenQ Zowie XL2546 vs HP OMEN X 25F for Competitive Edge (CS GO)

Nov 2, 2019
Hey. So as the title states, Which one is the best for competive edge for FPS Games? (Mostly CS GO) Which will have the lowest input lag in existence for gaming on the market today. I already pre-ordered in one of my country's E-Store Gjirafa50 the BenQ Zowie XL2546 on sale for 411.50 €, which according to them it will arrive for 2-3 weeks until they re-stock it , while shipping it for 48 hours. But some people say "benq zowie xl2546 is not the best, and has horribly colors" (I have even seen it personally on some twitch stream which it was "orangy" or completely washed out looking colors, not tryna expect better colors from TN but don't expect those "orangy" terribly colors either) but the Pro of this monitor is it has that extremly low input lag from the other "old" 240hz monitors and it's "Designed for e-Sports Gaming". While the HP OMEN x 25F, has the lowest input lag of the ALL the others 240HZ monitors in the market but the HP OMEN X 25F has an ridiculously high price which in my opinon ain't even worth it that price.. So according to the HP OMEN X 25F , they state that this monitor has the lowest input lag and response time from all the others 240HZ monitors on their "Input Lag List of best monitors". The HP OMEN X 25F is 625.50 Euro ('/) (I guess they might lower that price in upcoming Black Friday holiday) and they have only 2 of them at the moment, some rumors say that the hp omen x uses a "new technology of TN panel" which is "better" but ain't sure about that. This is my first time of buying this kind of monitor, so I want the best of the best (When it comes to input lag and response time, obviously) and don't wanna waste my money on things which I might regret later. Thanks in advance.
P.s: The BenQ Zowie XL2546 doesn't have any FreeSync or G-Sync vertical syncing. It only has that DyAc motion blur reduction thing which most pros don't even use it , as it introudces some input lag and it disables the "Flicker-free" feature. Some says Pros use this monitor cuz they get it from sponsorships or whatever that is the reason why this monitor is being used from so many pros.
Edit: Forgot to mention something that really affected my skills since 2015, when I quitted from the CRT monitor which I was PRO in the full meaning of the word in some of fps shooting games like cs 1.6 and was always on top 1 laderboard on some servers without any competition. (According to the players I played back then sayings obviously, ain't tryna glorify my self or something) with an super old pc pentium 3 , having a cpu celeron 1.7 Ghz and intergrated gpu 16 mb. Since I bought the new Laptop that I thought it "might be the best at playing those games" without even knowing anything about input lag but holy... , I completely lost all my skills overtime and become even worse than some random players who even cares about the game. So yeah I prioritize the latency on the first priority. Would even play at 30 fps but can't handle the huge input and display latencies.