Question Bent cooler with possible damage to CPU/motherboard

May 23, 2020

Recently I've built a PC using PC-Builder service of I've chosen all the individual parts (best I could with my limited knowledge), Alternate assembled everything together, checked if the parts are working and shipped to me by post.

What I noticed is that the massive Noctua NH-D15 cooler seems to be either bent or mounted improperly. It appears to be not perpendicular to the motherboard but at a weird angle. To my knowledge (which is not that deep, I understand) this is not how it is supposed to be and to place it like that the heatsink should've been bent which probably affects thermals and performance or/and maybe even done some damage to the CPU and/or motherboard. Upon closer inspection it seems that it was done either on purpose or accidentally to fit in the RAM stick and a cooler with both fans. To me it seems like a disastrous decision and the normal solution would've been either choosing a different cooler or using this with only one fan in the middle (that way it would fit easily without much sacrificing cooling capabilities).

Please see the video on how it looks:

Could someone please share their opinion if this is acceptable or maybe it is even how it supposed to be? If not, could there be damage done to other parts like CPU and/or motherboard? What would be the best solution for me?

Thank you everyone for taking a time and reading this.