Question Bent front panel connector

Feb 1, 2023
So uh, I accidentally bent the power led + and - connectors on my motherboard, I rebent it back straight and it still doesn’t work. Any fixes?
any guides on how to resolder contacts and where would i get new contacts
also what are 3.3v dc lead and how would i connect those?
It's not clear from your post, but the "contacts" may be header pins on the motherboard, if attached at all it's unlikely it's damaged enough to not work. But the power LED lead is polarized so if it's not working just flip it around to see if it does.

Can you post some pictures of the damaged pins?

Soldering is a basic skill of electronics techs...there are plenty of guides and how-to's on youtube.
If you bent the pin back in position, there should be no problem.
Perhaps the front panel lead has an issue, or the polarity is off.
Try connecting the pwr led to the hdd led to see if you get lights during hdd activity.
LED's are not essential to operation so you could do without.