BEST 1080 VIdeo card for ~700 2 GTX 670, GTX 680, dual 7950 or 7970


Aug 18, 2009
Okay lest question before I pull the trigger
I am green to the core AMD/ATI burned me years ago I have spent the last few weeks pouring over reviews and it seems the 680, 670, and 7970 are really too close to call.

One test will put the GTX 670 beating the 7970
the next test will put the 7970 beating even the 680
then a test will show the 670 only 5% slower then a 680
then the whole thing starts over again

I have about ~700 to spend on the graphic part of my new system

I could get dual 7970, or dual gtx 670, or a single gtx 680 or evn dual 7950's

THW puts the 670 between the 7950 and the 680 in power the older drivers were buggy newer tests show them to be much better

My question is Best system for what I do which is play eq2(Nvidia optimized) D3(doesn't really need a big video card) and video transcoding can take advantage of CUDA for video processing (I think there is an ATI/AMD option not 100% sure)

From these options which is the best (and why please no green is better red is better I can get that all over the net)

1. dual 2 Gb GTX 670 ~300each
2. Dual 3Gb 7950's ~280 Each
3. Dual 3gb 7070's ~360 Each
4. GTX 680 4Gb ~ 500
5. GTX 580 3gb 500 (older card with fatter pipe to memory)
6. dual GTX 670 4gb ~400 each would have to cut a corner on some other part of my system

getting a Z77 with I7-3770k 16gb of ram so that means x8/x8 PCIe3.0

P.S. I do SETI/Folding and I was considering some bitcoining as well when my computer isn't busy



Nov 7, 2012
Well, One powerful single card is better than 2 slightly weaker cards since SLI/Crossfire doesn't scale the same in every game. All the cards and configurations you posted will serve your needs well a 1080p. Just depends on what your willing to spend, what "CAMP" you want to be in ,and what you want to do IMO.