Question Best 2 in 1 Touchscreen Laptop with good hardware ?


Nov 18, 2015
I feel like ive loaded toms hardware with laptop questions but here we go. I recently bought a Dell XPS17 4k Touch with i9-11900H and RTX3060. I made the mistake of getting googly eyes at the idea of having an i9 and RTX3060 in a laptop at a price of 2400$ and still maintaining some good battery life. What I overlooked, however, and one of the other things I was looking for in a laptop, was that it was NOT 2 in1 and NOT a touchscreen with a digitizer/compatible with active styli (i.e. Apple Pencil, Dell Active Pen etc.). At this, I would like some recommendations for said laptops should I dislike this laptop and decide to return it.

My minimum requirements (if they exist, of course..)
-Must be a 2-1 Tablet, otherwise I could buy an iPad Pro, which is not preferable because of software limitations
-15in. ACTIVE TOUCH SCREEN (i.e. Digitizer in screen, compatible with active styli that sense pressure on the screen etc. etc.) IF it is possible to get a screen with MORE than 60Hz and GSync compatible, that would be great.
-i5 absolute min. i7 preferable. 10th Gen minimum. 4Ghz Clock minimum (I do Solidworks 3D Design and intend to game on this laptop as well)
-Any RTX GPU not including the 3050 or 3050ti (Again, I am trying to do SolidWorks Design, Notetaking, and gaming on this laptop)
-Minimum of 3-4 Hours battery life with light use (Microsoft Word, Notes, etc. So, preferably 97WHr or more if that exists)
-Do not care if it is labeled as a gaming laptop or not. <3000$ is preferable, no more than 3500$

Thats really about it. I know I know, this might be unrealistic. If this exists, please link it. If this laptop is nonexistant, I would love the closest laptop to this minimum requests you guys can get. Thank you for reading my extreme expectations!!