Question Best 2023 desktop built for Rendering - India

Nov 24, 2017
Hi Everyone,
My name is Rahul and I live in Mumbai(India). My currency is Rupee. And there are many desktop hardwares/components that may not be available in Indian market as of now(not so sure).

I wanted to build my 1st and best Desktop which can easily help me Render flawlessly. I am a gamer, 3D graphic designer, video editor.

My budget is 2 lakhs (₹ 2,00,000) indian rupee.

Can anyone help me with it? Need suggestions with graphic card and without graphic card as I may buy GPU later as I am focusing more on CPU.
Can't recommend a graphics card and power supply without knowing your resolution.

MSI B760 Gaming Plus WIFI ₹19,550

MSI Pro B760-P WIFI DDR4 ₹18,549

With integrated graphics.
Intel Core I7-13700 ₹36,899

No integrated graphics.
Intel Core I7-13700F ₹34,499

CPU cooler
Deepcool AK620 ₹5,700



Mar 2, 2023
What software do you use for video editing. If it's in the list on the Puget Systems web site, check out their hardware builds and see if you can replicate something similar from components available in India.

Many rendering programs make heavy use of separate GPU cards when fitted. If you rely on the CPU (with integral GPU) on its own, rendering times might be much longer.

I recommend spending between 25% and 33% of your budget on an Nvidia PCIe 4.0 graphics card (GPU). You might experience compatibility problems with some rendering apps and AMD graphics cards.

Buy a good Teir 1 or Teir 2 power supply. They're expensive, but rendering apps are sensitive to power fluctuations. If your local mains supply is "flaky", consider a UPS. It won't hold up the PC for long, but might allow you to shut down the system gracefully. Don't skimp on the PSU

Your budget is enough for a good CPU. Consider an Intel i9-13900K or an AMD 7950X. Rendering apps work best with multi-core CPUs and expensive graphics cards.

Check carefully how much GPU RAM is required by your rendering app. 8GB on the graphics card might be enough, but you might need 12GB, 16GB or even 24GB.

Similarly, your rendering app may need at least 32GB system (motherboard) RAM. Some apps require even more RAM, e.g. 64GB or 128GB.

DDR5 RAM is more expensive per GB than older DDR4 RAM. AMD AM5 motherboards require DDR5. AM4 motherboards require DDR4. Intel boards may require DDR4 or DDR5, depending on chipset.