Dec 1, 2014
Christmas is nearly here..!!!
Most of us probably can't decide of which monitor to get, seems I am the one of you.
Question is..
What is currently best priced 27" Monitor could i get?
It should be 1440p @ 144hz. Has to be under 500
Monitors seems to be soo pricey..
Should I wait for the offers ? Like Christmas offers or you don't get much in these.
I've got gtx 1080ti games I play mostly is Apex Legends, CS:GO but will be getting Battlefield 1.
Any suggestions i'll be very appreciated!!!!
I just went through this same dilemma.

I looked at at TN and IPS panels in a store.

For me, the TN’s are washed out compared to an IPS. I took a chance on an open box Asus for $460. The $699 list price was too much for my budget.

The colors the monitor is capable of is fabulous. Games look and play great. Would be hard to go back to 1080p now.

Get the best one you can afford. If it has to be a TN that’s ok too. The gameplay looks great on the bigger screen.