Question Best $300 Android Phone (CDMA)

Hello, I am about tired of my LG Stylo 4. It has a cracked screen, the charge port is worn, and it doesn't like to charge anymore. Also, it has become sluggish if i try to multitask.

I currently am using Boost Mobile and for various reasons unwilling to switch. Boost Mobile will allow me to bring my own phone, however, it has to be unlocked, and must be compatible with CDMA, as Boost Mobile lacks support for GSM.

I am used to a large screen and would not like to go less than 6in or so. I would want at least 64gb storage built-in with the ability to throw in a micro SD.
My budget is around $250-300, however, I am willing to spring up to $375 or so if I get much better value. I will not buy from Huawei or Xiaomi, though I don't think those are CDMA anyhow.

I am currently looking at this phone:

I heard the Motorola Moto G Power is very good for $250, and the Moto G Stylus is the same phone but with better camera, stylus, and slightly smaller battery for $300, though i can get it for $225 above after shipping.

Was looking at pixel 3a but i dont like the looks of the phone, plus the cost is a little on the higher end of my budget.
The GSM version of the Samsung A51 is only $279, but the CDMA version (seems only to be available from samsung) is $400, so no thanks.