Question Best 31.5" 144hz 2k gaming monitor?


Nov 10, 2017
Hi guys!

After over 1 year of using an ASUS XG32VQ I RMA'd because I had serious issues with it (large colored lines at the bottom until it warmed up), I got the full price back.

I ordered a Dell AW3418DW to try it out but the 1200$ price was not cheap at all. It is not 144hz, and though it is nice, it has BLB in all 4 corners.

I am thinking to send it back, and get a 16:9 32" again, though there is no IPS panel of that, if I want 2k and 144hz. Which manufacturer do you prefer? I would not like buying Asus again cause I am really afraid of having the same issue. Which is better? Msi, Lg, Samsung, AOC?

I have a gtx 1080, but not sure if gsync is any useful tho. The Dell AW I have right now, has it, hence the price tag I guess, but I had a freesync on that Asus (they added some kind of gsync support recently, not sure if there is any difference), and I was doing okay with it, I am not noticing major differences between these. What is your opinion on this?

Thanks for your responses!