Question Best 32GB RAM for Ryzen 5 3600 on an Asus Prime X570-Pro


Jul 13, 2010
I am currently running 16GB Trident Royal Silvers 3200mhz... but I am happy to switch them out for something better, at 32GB, and sell them off cheap to someone.

Full PC here:

Thank you for your time, good people! COST IS NOT REALLY AN ISSUE
This is for gaming, and I do not really intend to OC anything.
Even if cost is not an issue, there is not a reason to get that much ram for gaming.
If you've never used more than 16 gigs of ram (Which no game would use, even with discord and a few chrome tabs) then 32 gigs would not give you any fps boost.

If you desperately wanted a bit more fps (and didn't want to upgrade the gpu or cpu for whatever reason) then a faster speed, lower latency kit 16 gigs kit would be better.

If you did not now, filling all 4 slots is actually a "bad" thing. Motherboards run better on only 2 slots because of the way they are designed, and you can get faster speeds on 2 sticks.
This is why the fastest kit on the market (Crucial ballistix 5100mhz) is an 8x2 kit, and not more, and also the reason why the best ram overclocking motherboards are mini ITX with only 2 slots.
Either way, TridentZ royal is a really solid, Samsung B die ram kit and I see no reason to swap it out, especially when you are running a ryzen 5 3600.

You would also only get maybe 3% increase in performance with a 4000mhz cl17 or cl16 kit, and those are HELLA expensive.
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